Our Program

Days & Hours of Operation
7:30am–6:00pm | Monday–Friday

The following holidays will be observed:
• New Year’s Day
• Good Friday
• Memorial Day
• Independence Day
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Break
• Christmas Break

 *When the holiday falls on Saturday, we will close on Friday. When the holiday falls on Sunday, we will close on Monday, or we will conform to community observances. *Full Tuition will be charged for full-time and part-time students even during months with a holiday. Make-up days will not be provided. *These are the only holidays that we are closed unless there is an unforeseen emergency or inclement weather. *In the case of inclement weather, we correlate closings with Norman Public Schools. *The tuition in December is the same even though we are off for a week. The tuition is figured by adding up all the days we are here and diving it by 12.
Our weather policy:
“Here I Grow” will close for Inclement weather concerns when Norman Public Schools close.  Please check your local news station to keep updated. NOTE: HIG may reopen before NPS does if the inclement weather has passed. Check your EMAIL for updates. If we decide to close early, due to incoming inclement weather, your child’s lead teacher will call you. You must come and pick up your child within the hour. This is for everyone’s safety!Please use your own good judgment about the severity of the road conditions in your area.  There will be no reduction in fees due to days missed because of inclement weather.

Outdoor Recess Policy:

All children will play outdoors year-round except in Inclement Weather. Your child will play outside when the temperature is above 32°F Wind-Chill and below 100°F Heat Index, and when playing outside is deemed safe by the HIG staff. Your child should be dressed appropriately for Indoor and Outdoor Play.  During winter months your child will need a warm coat, mittens, and a hat. All item must be marked with your child’s first and last name.

Classroom Temperatures:
We keep the temperature in the classrooms set to 70° to keep germs and viruses from spreading, so please dress your child appropriately for the classroom.
Click the links below to view the menus (Coming soon!)
Lunch Menu
Snack Menu
Class Ratios
The staff to child ratio will be as follows:
Infants: 1 to 4
Toddlers: 1 to 6
2yrs: 1 to 8
3yrs: 1 to 12
4yrs–5yrs: 1 to 15
Classrooms will be sufficiently staffed in order to provide excellent programming at all times—this includes clerical, cooking, and maintenance staff.